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VLAN Trunking on 3com 2250 (HP 1910) L2 Switch

So I have been tasked with segmenting the traffic at our corporate site. To do this I need to create the VLANs on the switches and then create trunk links. No problem, right?

Well the issue is *not* that we have multiple vendors switches, but that one particular switch does not have a full fledged CLI. Therefore, you cannot create VLANs or a trunk link using the CLI. You have to use the web GUI interface, which means it needs to be assigned an IP. Furthermore, the web GUI operates on the default VLAN (VLAN 1) and despite changing the management VLAN to another, you cannot access the web frontend without VLAN 1 having an IP address…

Nonetheless, here is the quick and dirty setup:
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